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Amsterdam by The-MidnightFlower
This February i got the oportunity to travel once again to "ye old europe" and one of the stops was Amsterdam (while at the plane i had to see the Fault in our Stars and see how beautiful this city is. i plead guilty on that part that its a great movie even if too clichee for female young audience.) With Brugge and Bonn, it definitely  has its own charm.
Even though i wasnt going for the most common turistic attraction (come on! i am too naive and innocent  to try those out! and not really interested in those things) , I really think that its a beautiful city, crazy, indeed but holds the beauty of a city that has seen the people pass by through the years, the buildings, the boats, the canales... everything :) As a city girl, i consider that it goes way faster in some aspects, and slower and more calm in other aspects... probably faster and way faster in the fact that i almost got rolled over by bikers. 

For the curious, one of the goals in this city was to "meet" an ancestor of mine: Captain Franz Banninck Cocq! researching a bit of my family history back in the years revealed that to me that the main character of "The Nightwatch" was in fact related to me (and honestly my uncle does look just the same!) 

as a last note from the Neetherlands: i loved poffertjes :3 so good and so  small compared to how tall you all were! :o i felt like a midjet when i am considered tall in my own country!
It has been a year since i last wrote a journal.
Also, more or less a year that i have actually been active here.
times flies away when you are busy, even if that means leaving things you love on hold.

So, letting everyone out there who might have stumbled over this corner and might like
to stick their noses on somebody else's life.

I ended Highschool last year, and thus, i began (and ended) my first university year.
I got into my first University choice in my second career choice. 
I got this weird epiphany and i entered this weird nirvana like state after knowing my results on the national university exam.
"The Path to Happiness goes in many directions. Sometimes, the path we thought was best for us is not really the best, and we find our way through another. Happiness is achieved in many ways, and its in our hands to find it."
with that state of mind, I entered Odontology, or in other words, surgeon dentist (HEY! I get to be called a surgeon! :D)

And i must say it has been exhausting. Dealing with each class, every little assignament and the exams, OH horrible finals!
You see, no matter how great you are in a class, you still have to take the FINAL EXAM! (dun-dun-duuuuun) in my Uni, if in the exam you get a grade under a certain percentage, you automatically FAIL. (or sort of, trying to make it sound as understandable as posible) 
Its not the fact that you have to take the exam. Even if you know you know about the class, and have good grades, you enter thinking " I NEED THAT PERCENTAGE", even if you know you can get it, in the back of your mind you are just thinking " 30 correct answers will make me pass. I NEED THAT 45%!"

    Its a bit rough, just like that i managed to pass my anatomy class, while 56% Failed. OUCH! So is the life of a poor Health career student.

    Letting those things go (haha, did you see that?, Frozen reference? No? ok, yes i guess its already late for those.)

    I have made great friends during this year. We have talked a lot about stuff and one of the things we all agreed is how scared we were of starting university, in particular, that noone would like us.  For those starting college or uni, dont worry. you might start with a group of friends and then move on when you find people with the same interests as you do. (Trust me, that happened to me). You can support each other in different assignaments, do silly things after class or on the "calm times after the storm" (we went to a zombie run and other times just dragged our bodies to get dessert of coffee), and at the end of the week, just chill.
    The person who is now my best friend had to work with me in in an anatomy assignament, and she was terrified because according to her, i am "scary" ;) Nah, just kidding, i only look scary when i focus too much on something, but now she has to agree that i am a lovely person (her words! dont think that i am too full of myself) ;)
    Now we fool almost everyday on each other's houses playing Mario Party (aka, "Lets stop being Friends 4"  or "Lets ruin our friendship 8" ) 
You get to know people, and its  a great way to start fresh.
Even if i loved my years in Highschool, and even though you have even less free time in Uni, its a great oportunity and be brave to face the experience and do the best as you can.
    About Highschool. I still visit my younger firends when i can, and i still am their "mom/momma hen" in the band. They are just so cute and good friends that i hope i never lose contact with them. They make me proud and vice versa. The teachers that inspired me also during those years also feel very happy to know how far you have gone (and its only my first year out!)

Anyways, things are gone now, and now that we have already had Christmas (or Holidays) i can just enjoy the Summer break and wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Best wishes to everyone for 2015,  HUGS! :D
(- "D: you are going to be leaving your teens polly!" -)
(- " SHUT UP!" -                                                   )
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The-MidnightFlower's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well, I guess i should update things a bit.
Welcome, Random Stranger out there from the vast Lands of "The Internet"!
Nice to meet you!

I am Polly, 20 years old at the moment.
First things first, i will let you know that i am one of those persons that are very passionate about their stuff. Be it a random thing of the moment or something i have spent years with and hold very dear to my heart.
I really like art in all their forms and shapes, and i do enjoy it in many ways in my free time, be it music, games, dancing, singing, theater, pictures, name it!(though these days that time comes rarely and shortly, after all, i am in my second year of University, in the dangerous and misterious lands of the Health careers fields. but lets not focus on that at the moment).
Another thing i really love is to learn about everything and anything, so its not hard to start a conversation with me, even though it might be a bit intimidating at first. Our Universe is so vast in knowledge and so full of wonders that to be able to ignore less and see more of it gives a small and happy little feeling to life :)

I guess that my works here are pretty amateur, but they are just small things that i have wished for to be shared with everyone.

So :) thanks for staying for a while! I will see you the next time ;)

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